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Weed & Feed * controls & strengthens

Weed control & feed your lawn so it stays healthy and strong.  Weed & feed is a fertilizer for grass that contains herbicides, specifically for dandelions and crabgrass. An application of a pre-emergent weed & feed in the spring will prevent weeds from growing.  An application of post-emergent weed & feed once in late summer when the grass is regenerated will kill existing weeds. Watering is important after these applications to make the fertilizer stick to your lawn and not blow away. 

Lime application * desirable

Soil ph is a measure of the soils acidity or alkalinity.

The best ph level is between 6.0 and 7.0. Lime conditions the soil and will improve the growth of turf and make it healthier.

Water is required for lime to react with the soil, effects of a lime application will be slower in a dry soil.

Fertilizer * an important step

Your soil supplies some of the nutrients that turf grass needs but most soils are not able to provide all of them during the entire growing season. A healthy and actively growing lawn uses a great deal of energy. Fertilizer helps your lawn stay healthy by promoting new leaf and root growth, aiding in recovery from foot traffic and pest damage, reducing and controlling weeds & replacing nutrients lost to leaching and grass clipping removal.

Be sure to water the areas for best results.

Thatching of your lawn * spring or fall

Lawn thatch is the buildup of excessive unwanted material in your lawn which can choke out air, water, and sunlight.  Excessive buildup of thatch in your lawn can cause grass to stop growing and even become more prone to insects and lawn diseases. 

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Lawn Care

Lawn mowing - Weekly / Bi-weekly

Thatching of Lawn

Fertilizer / Lime / Weed & Feed

Hedging & Pruning

Install new custom lawns

Seeding & custom care

Spring cleanups / Fall cleanups